Some earlier photos of an enigmatic nature!

The UFO has landed!!

Flaming Heck!
(BTW flare is big enough to walk under at base!!)

The flaming desert!

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Picture 1

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Picture 2 and probabaly the easiest!

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Picture 3 and probably the hardest!

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The UFO was the projection lantern in the London Planetarium circa 1966!
Picture 1 is a soap bubble on the road surface, but deformed by a breeze!
Picture 2 is (you guessed it) a soap bubble floating in the air.
And picture 3? Best explained by showing you 2 other pictures! (scroll down if necessary)

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Keep going!

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Yes, it was a geyser in Iceland - a chance in a million shot as I was trying to get a picture of the hole before it blew!