Odds and Sods  (still in progress)
(Items that do not fit into the other sections!)

DOS games
Sherlock - a logic game to which I am addicted! (hint, read the help file!!)

I have compiled a selection of DOS games into several "packets" which are up on my site.
The following is a list of the packets with approximate file sizes - they are all .zip files and virus free.

Action (Tetris, pong etc. - 3.3 Mbytes), Platform (Duke Nukem, Hocus , etc. - 10.5 Mbytes), Cards (1.5 Mbytes), Puzzles (6 Mbytes), Various games (which don't fall into the above - 3.4 Mbytes), Allsorts (not all games - 1.8 mbytes)

PaperTutor   An excellent HTML tutor donated to people at large by a gentleman call Joe Barta.
Be warned, it is a large file (around 1.6 Mbytes).

Yes, I even wrote some poetry.  One evening in the 60s I sat down and dashed off about 10 poems of different types, then did not write any for decades.  In 2001 I went to a creative writing class, and as part of the course we had to write poems in specific styles -
hence these