15th June 1943


Tiverton, Devon, England


Brynaman, near Swansea, South Wales


Made it to university but dropped out.


Started as a trainee computer programmer in 1964 and worked with them ever since!


Music, humour, photography, people, volunteering, cryptic crosswords, card and board games.........

Marital status Married Faith in 2001 and acquired a family of 3 children and 5 grandchildren - now 6 since August 2003.

People who take up two parking spaces, people who treat you like a door when you hold it open for them, lack of consideration for others.

Personal "rules"

1.  I try never to hurt anyone physically or mentally if I can help it
2.  If I can help someone I will
3.  I believe humour is a remedy for many ills, and try to spread it around whenever I can
4.  I will never come between two people who are together.  (This is more historical, as I am very happily married now!)

What keeps me going? A happy marriage, a sense of humour, and a love of people and the world around me.

Now read on!  If you would like to correspond with me, write to this address

My parents moved to Wales when I was three, so I learnt to speak Welsh as a child, and am still fairly fluent in it.   I learnt French at school, but can only remember some of it now.  I learnt Arabic when working in Saudi Arabia in the 70's, but can hardly remember any of that!  I am now concentrating on learning American!
Just to continue the language theme, I learnt many computer languages over the years, but the one that stayed with me most was bad language!
I was baptised in 2000, and in March 2001 a lady in America started writing to me, as she was looking for a Christian penpal - and she ended up marrying me, for which I continually thank the Lord.
Nowadays I keep myself busy doing some web site design, helping people with computer problems, and volunteering - I do some Red Cross Rural Rides driving, and am also a founder member of the Greenfield Independent Volunteers - a.k.a. The GIVers.
 If you have any questions or comments, or just feel like corresponding  -
feel free to write, I am a very open person, but be warned, I have a prevalent sense of humour.