My Gallery

Here you will find photos sorted by category - the end result (I hope!) will be a large collection of photos I have taken here, in the UK, and eventually other places I have been in the world.  In each case click on the thumbnail to get a larger picture.
If people are interested I will put up some video I took - mind you, they are large files!

Fall 2003

Pictures I took in and around Peterborough

Warwick Castle

Taken on holiday in the UK, March 2003.  The figures ARE waxworks!


Near Windsor, UK, note the little details, like the guy assembling the glider, children skipping rope, guy throwing water at a window....


Taken at York Harbour in March, 2004

Puzzle pictures I have given answers to some of them!  Any I haven't, e-mail if you want to know.
Flight of Fancy The day things really took off!! (aerial views around here)
Colours of Autumn Some photos of fall 2004, not as good as 2003, though!

Others will be added as I put them up (check the history link on the Home page).