I am a Welshman now living in New Hampshire (see biodata).  
This is my personal site, I also have a "business" one at www.putertutor-snh.com, which is overdue for a revamp!

So go ahead and enjoy (I hope:-)!


that's about me and mine


a collection of photos I have taken over the years.  Initially they are around here, with some UK ones, but I have done a lot of traveling in my time and hope to include others later on.


a collection of humour, useful programs, and anything else I can think to put in there.  You will also find some poetry and a short story I wrote!


please sign and let me know you have been and what you think of the site.


I collect a lot, and will add some now and then    I have added some ebooks of humour (Jan 2005)

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